Policies in CCTS Handbook

Dress Code

Recognizing that clothing can become an emotional issue and where our freedom in Christ provides a great deal of individual latitude, the CCTS has chosen to set “house rules” to create a more professional atmosphere for the classroom, one that is conducive to learning. These rules are not specifically Biblical in nature, although they are consistent with Biblical standards.

Girl’s dress:

Will consist of a skirt, jumper, pants or shorts in navy blue or khaki. (No blue-jean material). Hemlines are to be knee length or longer. Blouses are to be polo style or button-down, with a collar or turtleneck, short or long sleeved white, red, or navy blue. All shirts must be long enough that when arms are raised, no skin shows. Solid navy blue, red or white sweaters or sweatshirts over collared shirts may be worn in classrooms but no hoodie sweatshirts may be worn in the classrooms. Choice of shoes will be left up to the parent’s discretion (with the exception of no flipflops). Jewelry, nail polish and make-up must be modest and not excessive. (Make-up only in 7th & 8th grades)

Boy’s Dress:

Will consist of pants or shorts in navy blue or khaki. (No blue jean material). Hemlines of shorts must be knee length or longer. Front buttoned, polo style or turtleneck shirts can be white, red, or navy blue, long or short sleeved. All shirts must be long enough that when arms are raised, no skin shows. Solid sweaters and sweatshirts over collared shirts may be worn in white, red, and navy blue, but no hoodie sweatshirts in the classrooms. Choice of shoes will be left up to the parent’s discretion. Boys’ hair must be kept out of their eyes and neatly trimmed.

For both boys and girls, hats are to be removed upon entering the building and not worn again except for outdoor recess and when dismissed.

This dress code is considered “the uniform” and will be required on school days and field trips unless otherwise stated. In the event a student is not adhering to the dress code, a spare article of clothing kept in the CCTS closet may be used. The parents will be notified, and if further offenses occur, a parent will be called to bring appropriate clothes or to take the student home for the rest of the day. If there is a continuing problem, it will be addressed with the parents and the board.

Student Rules of Conduct

The following list of rules is for the student’s conduct and are essential policies that we require all of our students to be aware of and adhere to. Please read together with your student(s).

Discipline Policy

He who loves his son is careful to discipline him.” Proverbs 13:24b

We will seek to provide an environment where the students are encouraged and challenged to exemplify Christian behavior in all aspects of the school day. It is very important that our children feel safe and secure, in a loving and nurturing environment. Actions that jeopardize the safety and well being of our children must be dealt with firmly and expediently.

The type and amount of discipline will be determined by the tutors and if necessary the board. The discipline will be based on biblical principles, e.g. restitution, apologies (public and private), swift and appropriate punishment, restoration of fellowship, no lingering attitudes, etc. As part of our belief in the authority of the family, parents will be made aware of concerns or warnings given to a student by a tutor as well as any disciplinary action taken as soon as possible after each incident. Some examples of discipline action may be to memorize scripture verses, being set apart from the class outside the classroom, and possible in-school suspension.

The majority of the day-to-day discipline will be done by the tutor. However, there may be instances where a stronger warning or more severe penalty is needed. The administrator or the board will deal with such cases. They are:

If the above actions do occur, they may require immediate suspension for the remainder of the day. In severe cases where there is no change in the student’s actions or assistance from the parents, the student may be expelled for the remainder of the year.

FIRST OFFENSE of any of the above mentioned behaviors – Warning and parent called.

SECOND OFFENSE AND THIRD OFFENSE – Restitution in the form of service to the church and suspension for the day. (Missed work must be turned in the next school day)

FOURTH OFFENSE – Expulsion for the remainder of the school year. Full tuition will be expected for the complete quarter.

Expulsion: The board realizes that expelling a student from school is a very serious matter and should always be carefully dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Forgiveness and restitution are fundamental to our total discipline policy. However, should a student and his parent not be able to eliminate behavioral problems before a fourth offense occurs, the student will be expelled.

Re-admittance: Should an expelled student desire to be readmitted to the classes at a later date, the CCTS board, or its delegated committee, will make a decision based on the student’s attitude, parental involvement, and circumstances at the time of reapplication.

Behavioral Probation: Ongoing behavioral issues will be addressed by the tutors, and if not resolved, a letter will be sent home notifying the parents of behavioral probation for the following quarter. If the student does not show marked progress in the probationary period, a conference will then be scheduled with the parents, tutor, and the board to determine what course of action, if any, may be needed for continued enrollment in CCTS.

Academic Probation: In order to ensure that our academic standards are kept high, students must receive a progress report that has a majority of completed and passing grades in a subject area. If there is more than one subject which does not have a majority of completed and passing grades, the student will be placed on academic probation for the next quarter. If the progress report for the following quarter does not see marked improvement, a meeting with the tutor, parent, and board will be required to determine continuance in the CCTS program.


Attendance Policy

A student enrolled in CCTS is expected to be present and on time every day school is in session. School hours are from 9:00am (arrival and check-in beginning at 8:40am) to 2:25pm, followed by five minutes for room clean-up and dismissal. Record of the student’s attendance and tardies will be kept on the sign-in sheet.

After three tardies in a quarter, there will be a letter sent home. A fourth tardy will require a meeting with the administrator and/or a board member to discuss the commitment to the CCTS classes and appropriateness of enrollment.

Participation in class is highly essential to the program set up at CCTS; thus, tardies and absences should be as infrequent as possible. Missing four class days per quarter may endanger the student from mastering the required material for the quarter.

Snow Days: If Calvert County is closed for inclement weather, we are closed. If there is a one or two hour delay, we start on time. The first make-up day is added on to the end of the year. If more are needed, we may try to add a Wednesday or Friday into the quarter or possibly e-mail the work to avoid the need of a make-up day in the same quarter of the snow days.