Statement of Faith

The following is the foundation of belief on which Classical Christian Tutorial Services (CCTS) is based. They are also the key elements of Christianity which will be unapologetically taught in various ways through all grade levels. The substance of these statements is that which will be considered primary doctrine in the classes. Secondary or divisive doctrines and issues will not be presented as primary doctrine. When these types of doctrine or issues arise they will be referred back to the family and local churches for final authority.

    1. We believe in the authority of scripture, which is another way of affirming that the Bible is God’s inspired, infallible, inherent Word. It, and not man, is the standard of the measurement of truth. It is the ultimate source of knowledge about God, as well as the definitive guide for our daily lives.

    2. We believe that the God of the Bible is the source of all truth; thus, all genuine intellectual activity leads the learner to God. We affirm the existence of a triune God, or one God in three distinct Persons—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This God is self-existent, eternal, unchanging, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, holy, righteous, and loving. God created the universe from nothing and He is sovereign over His creation, including both human and angelic beings.

    3. We hold that man is a physical and spiritual being who is created in God’s image. However, because of his sin in Adam, man has lost his fellowship with God and is now a sinner, by nature and by choice, and is in need of salvation.

    4. By God’s grace, Jesus Christ – who is fully God and fully man – was sent to save us from our bondage to sin. We believe that Christ was born of a virgin, died for our sins, physically rose from the dead, and will one day return to judge the world and deliver His people. A personal faith in Christ is the only means by which mankind can escape judgment and eternal damnation.

    5. We believe that the Holy Spirit regenerates, indwells, baptizes, seals, and bestows spiritual gifts upon all believers at the time of their conversion. He fills, teaches, leads, assures, and prays for believers.

    6. We believe in salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ’s substitutionary payment for our sins, not based on human merit, or religious ceremony. We believe that anyone who has placed their faith in Christ is eternally secure, has everlasting life, will not come into condemnation, and shall never perish. We believe that assurance comes to the believer from three primary sources: trusting the Word of God, the witness of the Holy Spirit, and a preserving walk with the Lord.

    7. We recognize the church as God’s ordained institution headed by Christ. The church is composed of all believers and is organized for worship, for fellowship, for the administration of the sacraments, for spiritual growth and support, and for evangelizing the world.

    8. We believe that those whom God has saved are sent into the world by Christ as He was by the Father. Those so sent are ambassadors, commissioned to go make disciples and make Christ known to the whole world.